I'm Not Here For Your Pity

There's a viral post of a man commenting on his wife's body. The root of the issue is that we have decided that, as a society, we are now applauding men for finding non-acceptable women attractive. Like, "thank god you think she's pretty because you really took one for the team."  

Bruh. Give me a fucking break.  

Forst of all, the viral couple are a pair of assholes. Both have racist and phobic posts all over their social media. He's the most typical Millenial "I just can't have a real job because I'm soooo creative but I'm a white male so I don't know why everyone is always complaining." She's a horrific example of body positive - multiple times does she tells people how much she hates the word "fat" and thinks we need to stop using it. Also, she is pretty shamey in her posts toward women who are bigger than her (she's like a size 10/12).  


Stop it. Stop stop stop stop. He's a prick. She's a dickhole. Neither one of them represent good people. There's nothing about them that should be celebrated because they are completely average.  

Guess what? Tons of people have healthy relationships where BODY SIZE ISNT INVOLVED AT ALL. I know. It's soooooo weird. (Side eye.) Y'all are doing it wrong if body shape means *that* much to you and your relationship. If you have to constantly seek validation for being with someone "society deems unattractive" then you're a super shitty person.  

Just love and be loved. Stop looking for validation. Stop seeking celebration for being average. Stop making money off political and socia movements you know nothing about. Loving an unattractive person doesn't make you a hero, it makes you human. Nobody wants your pity love.