Busy Life

I know I have been a little MIA lately but I have been very busy.  Not only have Bethany and I been working on launching MEG x SBB for Sheeek By Bee (new swimwear line for small chested fat girls, link here), but my day job has been just overwhelming.  

The great news about being busy is that good things usually come from hard work.  We already have a few orders and we are very excited to keep going!  There are also a few features and interviews that I have coming down the line which include the swim line.  I will put links up when everything goes live!

Strut by Mic IG post: here  

I also want to put a link in here for the new artistic nude book that I am so excited to be a part of.  There are bodies of multiple shapes, sizes, and colors.  Gregory Prescott's HUMAN is going to be amazing.  You can contribute to the Kickstarter here, and there is an opportunity to pre-order the book, as well!  Video below and on the Kickstarter page linked above.