Mental Health Awareness Month

Mental Health Awareness Month - a month where those of us who live with mental illnesses of all types send a surge of “please take time to learn about mental health” to those who don’t live with mental illness.  It is also a month where some of us may not want to be in the spotlight. 

To those of you reading who live without mental illness, please become the person your loved ones need when struggling with mental illness.

To those of you reading who live with mental illness, you’re not alone and you don’t need to handle any of this on your own.  There are people out here who will help you handle your illness, in multiple different ways.  Please reach out to someone.  You’re not a weak person because you ask for help, or take medication, or have bad days.

I will tell you right now that my anxiety is high today.  I feel like no one is communicating with me, and it makes me feel isolated.  I know this feeling is fleeting, but that is part of how I handle my mental health.  I have to rely on my rational self, and talk my irrational self down to “normal.”

Here are some resources for you, if you feel like you want to reach out for some help.

Real people aren’t perfect.  Real people have all sorts of problems, issues, illnesses, addictions, and personality disorders.  It’s ok.