Take Care of Yourself

Today, either I can't talk about cool new shit, or I already have talked about things and life keeps repeating itself.  So this will probably short and sweet.  

Take care of yourself.  Life gets hard, and not always in the mental health sort of way, but also in the physical health sort of way.  If your body is telling you that you're sick or that you need to take some time to rest, it is for a reason.  Listen to your body.  Rest doesn't always mean sleep, either.  Sometimes rest is just relaxing at home.    

If it is mental health, also listen to your body.  You need to respect what your body tells you is important.  Sometimes, being alone is what you need.  Sometimes, being in a social setting in the solution.  No matter the situation, you should be listening to your mind and body. 

Stop telling yourself that you're a bad person for taking time for yourself.  You're not a bad person if you want to stay home and relax while your friends go out.  You're not a bad person for taking a mental health day instead of going to work.  You're not a bad person if you decide that your body needs to rest.