Be Vulnerable

Being vulnerable is difficult.  It is difficult in our personal relationships, it is difficult in our professional relationships, it is difficult in our creative relationships; it’s just fucking hard.  That doesn’t mean it isn’t worth it in the end.

I feel like I could probably talk about this for hours, but I’m honestly going to try to keep it short and sweet.  I think our pop culture society has taught us that you’re weak if you show vulnerability.  Men don’t show vulnerability, and when you do you’re a woman or a bitch.  Forbid anyone be compared to a woman.  It goes back to our society hating women, and finding them less than ideal beings.  We aren’t.  We are worthy, and strong, and emotional.  And that is okay.

But, the more we are taught that being vulnerable means you’re weak, the further people run from it.  In my opinion, those of us who are the strongest are the most comfortable being vulnerable.  We are the ones who have handled the most rejection, the most hate, the most disappointment.  We are the ones who tend to seek out ways to express our emotions through art, words, films, photographs…

Be the one who stands up against society.  Be vulnerable.