Creativity For The Soul

This week was a good week. Why? Because I made it out alive, I learned things, I laughed, I cried, I got mad, I was happy, and I was able to create.  

I've always been a creative person, even as a child. In school, I loved art class and even more, I loved band and choir. I felt like music was my calling. In college, I discovered playing professionally wasn't what I was truly meant to do. It was okay, because I learned there were other ways to envelope music as a passion. 

Jump to living in LA, where everyone and their dog is trying to "make it" in the music business. I learned that I wanted to skip all the bullshit and open my own club. Great, except for the tens of thousands of dollars of debt I have (thanks US education system!). 

I reevaluated and decided to put my plans on hold while I figured out how to be an adult in this society. After going to fashion school, modeling sort of fell into my lap. It quickly became my creative outlet I didn't know I had been searching for since giving up playing.  

Part of the reason I chose to become an art model was because I knew I could have more creative freedom. I sat in the studio watching commercial model after commercial model knowing that wasn't what I wanted to create. I feel like once our minds are used to a certain level of creative expression, they will continue to seek that level (or higher) until fulfilled.  

This weekend, I created art with a good friend and even better photographer. I often find myself having to curate my shoots for my photographers because what I am asking of them may be out of their comfort zones. That is completely fine with me. However, working with a super creative/conceptual photographer who wants to showcase parts of you that you didn't know were possible is a really amazing feeling. I highly suggest this. 

Moral of today's story: go create something. You'll feel great.