Too Many Cold Meds

Y’all.  I’ve been literally down with the sickness since Wednesday.  It is currently Monday.  I am so over it.  The good news is that I am getting better, the bad news is that I couldn’t go into work again today.  Because I have been sick, nothing too exciting has happened in my life - personal or professional.  I booked a shoot for next weekend, and on Saturday, I am having lunch with a straight size model who is launching a size-inclusive swimwear line.  I will talk to you about both next week.  

Usually my rants and raves come from something that I see or hear from social media.  When I am off of social media, I don’t bitch as much.  Ha!  I did see something for a few “models” this week in regards to being incredibly hypocritical when it comes to how they view their bodies.  These models were larger at one point in time - making sure that most of the photos do not exists outside of a “before and after” posting.  In captions, they speak about how they will never go back, or how unhappy they were because of the fat on their bodies.  Let me say that I understand working hard for something and not wanting to give that up.  I get it.  Totally.  What I don’t get is these same models who just hated on their fatter bodies, turn around and tell others to love their own bodies.  Wait.  

You can’t hate your body (any version of it) and then go tell others to love theirs.  Do you see how hypocritical that is?  Explaining the journey of your body is one’s prerogative.  In no way is anyone telling you that you have to be a role model or cheerleader for other people.  If you choose to take on this role, you need to understand that people listen to what you have to say.  If you are putting out into the world that you are still confused, then how are people supposed to follow your lead without being confused themselves?  

I don’t even want to get into the “body positive” argument, because I am on way too much cold meds for that right now.  But, I will say that if you are purposefully setting yourself up as an icon or influencer in the plus industry and you are telling other plus women that their fatter selves are gross and unworthy, then you’re not being very nice.  You’re telling thousands of women (and men) that they are only attractive, and worthy, and smart, and influential in this world if they lose weight and fit into some part of society’s construct of acceptable beauty.  I mean, if that’s your bag, keep at it.  I am going to keep fighting for those who just want to find a place in the world - no changes necessary