Who I Am

This is a new year.  Supposed to be “new me?”  Yeah, screw that.  I hate New Year Resolutions.  “Why,” you ask?  Because I believe that if you’re truly going to change something in your life, you won’t wait for an excuse like a date on a calendar to do it.  With that said, I feel like there are some aspects to my life, to our lives, as American citizens that call for changes.  

I don’t plan on this platform being political, but I can’t promise it won’t get that way on occasion.  I am a strong, proud, nasty, liberal bitch and feminist as fuck until the day I die.  If you have a problem with that, you should stop reading now.  Here.  For real, stop reading because you will get your panties in a twist.  

For those of you who aren’t familiar with me or what I do, I am an art-based model out of Los Angeles, CA.  I am fat; it’s cool to say it because it is what it is.  I am also an “alternative” woman, meaning I have body modifications which include (but are not limited to) tattoos, body piercings, and Rainbow Brite hair.  (This is where labels get to be bullshit.)  I am an alt woman, but I am not an alt model.  Alt models are typically the models seen in tattoo magazines, sometimes they cross over into Fetishland (haha like it's Disneyland but with BDSM, that would be a place!).  Anyway, I don’t do that kind of modeling.  I am an art-based model, specializing in editorial.  Moreover, I am a model who poses to create art, often telling a story of emotion and beauty.  

My work is not about sex, sexualization, sensualism, or objectification of women.  I work incredibly hard to build a niche in this world for fat women to be seen with the true beauty they (we) possess.  I’m tired of scrolling through social media and seeing photos of plus models in sexual and sensual poses, yearning for the acceptance of the male-driven media.  I cannot stand when I see women using “sexy” and “beauty” interchangibaly.  I’m waiting to see these influencers shouting a consistent message to the masses, rather than “be a strong feminist woman” and “here I am looking sexy because that is how you become a confident person.”  C’mon now.  Either these models fall within the stereotype of all beaty and no brains, or they are merely trying to hit all aspects of monetization with no respect to those actually paying attention to what they are putting into the world.  

Man, if you don’t get it by now, I don’t know how else to explain it.  Here, go look at some pictures.  

This diary of mine is going to be telling you all about life as a fat art model.  I’m going to try to keep it to experiences I have within my professional realm, but sometimes personal and professional overlap.  This entry is merely an introduction to who I am and who I want to be for those paying attention to what I have to say.  I realize that photos and words have consequences and reactions.  I realize that there are 20,000+ of you on social media platforms that listen to what I have to say.  That is something I do not plan to take lightly.  Who I am is who I want you to see.  I have specific core values that are more important to me than making money, likes on a photo, or how many followers I have for the day.  I was educated in a place where your creative discipline took precedence over all else.  As a creative, we have to learn, and then practice, and then learn some more.  Sit down with people better than you and listen/watch, then go practice some more.  Put your art out there and let people into your creative realm.  Grow from those experiences.  

Yeah, I’m a model.  But, this isn’t about clothing, or clients, or a huge check in the bank for me.  Please understand that when you look at my work.  I’m expressing part of me through my body as my canvas.  That means something.